Watch Dogs Install Size Announced


Watch Dogs Install Size Announced
Ubisoft delivers a pleasant surprise...

With next gen console owners starting to realize that 500GB probably isn't as big as it sounded before they bought their consoles, and systems begin to gradually approach their capacity, there's some good news at last with the confirmation of the file install sizes for the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs.

Unlike other next gen titles that require in excess of 30GB (some even breaking the 40GB mark, we're looking at you Killzone: Shadow Fall), the development team at Ubisoft has seemingly performed miracles by delivering a title that'll occupy a much more reasonable footprint of just 20.42GB.

Although that's still pretty monstrous compared to the games of the last generation, it's definitely a step in the right direction, and hopefully we'll see more developers figuring out how to minimize their games' install sizes in the near future. After all, what use is all that fancy next gen console technology if something as arcane as hard drive space holds you back from getting the most from your experience?

Although the PlayStation 4 installation size hasn't yet been confirmed, it's safe to assume that it'll be pretty close to the Xbox One version, maybe with a 2-3GB swing either way. There's still no word on how much spaceXbox 360 and PS3 owners will need to clear on their consoles, though.

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