Watch Dogs Review Round-Up


Watch Dogs Review Round-Up

With the launch day review embargo gone, and Ubi Montreal’s long awaited hack’n’more hack Watch Dogs finally on shelves, reviews are dropping left and right for the ambitious new sandbox. And generally speaking, reviews (and their correlating, if less descriptive scores) are treating it kindly. But not heralding it as the coming of a new era of games. Oh, no sir!

Polygon liked the way it was a content bomb,

It’s not just that there are so many options. It’s thatWatch Dogsstrong fundamentals allow for multiplegoodoptions.


Eurogamer basically just hammered it’s narrative.

[Aiden] steals, assaults, extorts and murders in order to exact justice for identical indignities inflicted on himself. The hypocrisy goes unchallenged.


Gamespot admire the subtle characterisation of NPCs and necessarily resultant moralising,

I would hesitate to put a bullet in a guard's head if I knew his wife was expecting a child, but I rarely had reservations about murdering a prison escapee. I was deciding whose life had greater value, and I'm grateful that Watch Dogs, in its own subtle way


IGN compliment Watch Dogs defining new gameplay mechanic,

One-button hacking might be overly simplistic, but it does give you abilities that make playing through Aiden’s story feel powerful and fun.


Gamesradar recommends losing yourself in ancillary content,

Story-wise, the game is mostly dud. All the characters are unimaginative stereotypes, with thin motivations and forgettable personalities. Hacker chick with piercings? Check. Sinister, elderly villain? Check. Gang leader with a stupid name? Check.


GameTrailerswent a little softer on dull-as-ditch water Aiden Pearce…

Pearce's personal motivations bring more dimension to his story than simply fighting conspiracy, and his stubborn refusal to let go creates tension with his family as well. Yet, his tormented persona ends up feeling somewhat flat, especially amidst more colorful supporting characters like Jordi and T-Bone.


And finally, old reliable himself…


82 PS4

81 PC

77 Xbox One

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