Watch Dogs was in Mr Robot and the team didn't know!


Watch Dogs was in Mr Robot and the team didn't know!

The first Watch Dogs came out at a time when the hacker world had become less interesting to popular culture and the game certainly tied into some familiar themes. Around the same time, TV series Person of Interest was doing some similar things in terms of software and surveillance, leading to that surprisingly frequent synergy across different entertainment worlds.

In the time that Watch Dogs 2 has been in development, Mr. Robot has also become a bit of a phenomenon. It’s a darker and altogether more interesting tale which also ties into Watch Dogs through the use of a counter-culture hacking group.

Creative director Jonathan Morin finds the way these properties appear to be interesting:

“The Mr Robot thing is actually funny because in the first game we had a show that came out while we were doing Watch Dogs and then for the second game Mr Robot came out. I think the subject matter is so popular that we get all sorts of stuff.”

Eagle eyed viewers of the shows second season might also have noticed a more concrete connection as the original Watch Dogs actually featured in an episode! As Elliot wanders around there’s a brief shot of a man in a suit playing the first game in an electronics store. There’s a brief Reddit post on it.

It turns out that this appearance took the creators of the game by surprise!

“Actually recently we noticed that they used Watch Dogs in Mr Robot! I was like ‘I didnt even know about it!’ They called us and asked and we said ‘Cool!’”

As for the big question- is Morin a fan of the show? Well of course he is:

“I have a lot of respect for these guys, it’s a great show”

Watch Dogs 2 is out on the 15th of November, 2016.

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