Watch Early Teaser Trailer for Crytek's New Multiplayer Game


Watch Early Teaser Trailer for Crytek's New Multiplayer Game

Crytek is a German developer best known for the Crysis series - though they also crafted the first (super serious) Far Cry before Ubisoft ran away with the franchise.

They've been fairly quiet since releasing the enjoyable Xbox One launch title Ryse but now there's news on the horizon with a new teaser trailer.

The game is set to be called Arena of Fate and it looks a little... different to what they've worked on before.

Oh its cartoonish and has a smirky little girl thing - I'm smelling the free to play online enemy bashing vibe off this! Actual information is sparse, especially considering the summer 2014 release date mentioned in the trailer, but we can expect more news soon.

Official synopsis goes like this: "Step into the shoes of legendary heroes from history and fantasy and lock horns in "Arena of Fate"; an action-packed online multiplayer game coming to PC and consoles soon from Crytek."

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