Watch how Guitar Hero's live-action is recorded


Watch how Guitar Hero's live-action is recorded

Guitar Hero Live is certainly different than we were expecting when we heard rumblings that another title was in the works. This developer diary from FreeStyleGames outlines the thought process behind the game and the work that it takes to create those live-action elements.

The title uses real bands, actors, and crowds to bring the performance to life. This live-action approach will make the experience more immersive, according to Producer Joel Davey. It’s impressive to see the behind-the-scenes of the title, especially when you see the crowd in front of a green screen.

Guitar Hero Live also features GHTV, which is described as an “always on playable music video network.” It will offer players a huge catalogue of songs, multiplayer, a way to experience new types of music, and a way to discover music. It will launch with two music channels, but you can expect more to be added over time.

The team is hoping that Guitar Hero Live’s collection of music will appeal to a variety of people. It should have something for everyone.

The video shows off the new controller. The button configuration will be quite strange to returning fans, but we’ll have to go hands-on with it before we pass judgement. The studio says that it makes the game easier in some ways, but harder in others. So, if you’re a beginner, it sounds like you can rock out easily. But if you’re more advanced, there may be additional layers of challenges.

Guitar Hero Live will be released this autumn.

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