Watch The Final Fantasy XV Film Trailer And Anime Series Before You Play


Watch The Final Fantasy XV Film Trailer And Anime Series Before You Play

It’s been ten years but at last the newest installation in the Final Fantasy series is finally here as Final Fantasy XV drops today..

This game is massive and will surely be a delight to the escapist in the group with dozens if not hundreds of hours of content to play.

In an effort to provide more backstory and context for the characters the makers of the game have released both an anime short series on youtube and a CGI feature film with a star studded cast.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

This five episode anime is available on youtube for your perusal and is set before the game begins and fills in the backstory of the four characters who we follow on a long arduous journey in the game. While the game deals with the journey they are faced with the anime delves into how they became friends in the first place.

The series is light and serious in equal measure and manages to strike a nice balance while giving the world a rich feeling before even picking up a gamepad.

Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV

Boasting a cast including Game of Thrones stars Lena Headey and Sean Bean this CGI feature length film takes place at the same time as the game.

While the game follows protagonist Prince Noctis this feature follows the exploits of his father King Regis. The vista is beautiful in this feature but as a film it is not the best and falls far shy of the mark laid down by the Anime. The action scenes are however fantastic and the graphics are a joy.

Be sure to watch these before you sit down with Final Fantasy XV which is released today 29th of November worldwide.

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