Watch the GTA V intro in stunning 4K resolution


Watch the GTA V intro in stunning 4K resolution

Grand Theft Auto V is finally out on PC - yes that's over 18 months after it's original release and six months after it arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. So PC players can finally take a deep breath and dive into this insanely detailed digital world.

Once you done that, you really should get down to playing the game. It's awesome.

As a primer, IGN has recorded the intro to the game on PC. Yes the content is exactly the same as what you may already have seen on consoles but with one big difference - this is running in glorious 4K resolution. That's3840 x 2160 million pixels in case you were wondering. Here's the video.

The GTA series has always had a real sense of style, even when the underlying graphics were less than stellar but now they can match blockbuster movies blow for blow when it comes to detailed performance capture, spectacular scenery and judicious use of the f-bomb. In short, it looks absolutely gorgeous and it gets even better when you realise that this world teeming with characters and details is freely explorable in the main game, complete with more flora and fauna than ever before, as well as the new first person perspective.

The PC mode also comes with an all new Rockstar Editor which lets you record footage at this massive resolution and also insert actors and play with filters and essentially create your own movie, right in the game. Rockstar isn't coming out and saying it but you can definitely consider these features as a bit of a thank you to the PC players who have been so patient over the last 18 months.

GTA V is available right now on PC, go play it!

Watch the GTA V intro in stunning 4K resolution on
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