Watch The Last of Us Performed Live on Stage. There Was a Musical Number!


Watch The Last of Us Performed Live on Stage. There Was a Musical Number!

The Last of Us is a game that a great many people thought was one of the best games ever released on the PS3. I am not one of those people but even I can't deny that the presentation and performances were some of the bset I've ever seen in a video game.

So its fitting that some of those elements were celebrated last night when The Last of Us One Night Live was performed in front of an audience in Santa Monica. Together with the writing staff of Naughty Dog and director NeilDruckmann the cast reprised their roles - most notably Joel (Troy Baker) and Ellie (Ashley Johnson).

About an hours worth of important scenes were recreated, including the violent and traumatic finale. Except this time, it was done in a musical way. For some reason. Check out the video below, skip to 30 mins in for less frustration.

One Night Live is certainly a nice idea, and fans who showed up had a great time and also got to see a deleted scene from the game played out in front of their eyeholes. It showed a moment four years after the end of the game, where Ellie is talking to Joel about a new relationship and Joel is strumming away at a guitar. It seems he finally played her that song.

But while this is a real treat for those who were invested in the game, it strips so much away from the story in terms of the presentation, world and the palpable danger of the Clickers that it does seem a bit like a throwaway experiment. The Last of Us has a decent story but its hardly Shakespeare and the very idea of taking away the game entirely is a little bit laughable.

Still, these are talented performers and you have to come up with some way to make the game seem fresh when its just about to be re-released on the PS4.

The Last of Us is out on PS4 in the US now and everywhere by August 1st 2014.

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