Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 3 In Harm's Way Trailer. Tough Times.


Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 3 In Harm's Way Trailer. Tough Times.
In Harm's Way

The Walking Dead the game continues its basically horrifying journey through hell. After episode 2 of the second season, Clementine has been taken by a band of human survivors. And things are set to get worse from there.

The heavily story driven series has drawn praise from just about everyone and Telltale has done an amazing job of transitioning the Clementine character into an older form for the second season. She's got more agency than ever before, she's tougher but she's ultimately still a kid lost in a wilderness filled with zombies and human survivors who are often a much bigger threat.

Here's a glimpse at the third episode, In Harm's Way, which contains some spoilers for the recent eps.

The best news is we won't have to wait long to find out how this all goes down - In Harm's Way arrives on PC and PS3 in the United States on the 13th of May. 360 and PS3 Europe follows on the 14th and the iOS launch is the 15th of May 2014.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 3 In Harm`s Way Trailer. Tough Times. on
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