We Don't Know What WiLD Is But We Want It!


We Don't Know What WiLD Is But We Want It!

At first glance, WiLD doesn’t obviously slide into any specific genre.
This alone is cause for excitement.
Could it be?
Something legitimately new?
Heaven for-goddamn-fend!!!

It looks lush and colourful. Its character models are strangely cartoonish, especially the monstrously oversized male. And then there’s the issue of the walking skeleton… There’re horses to ride it would appear, and spears to fashion. There’s a wildlife ecosystem that you either play a part in, or trots along all by itself. You can hide in the mud, Predator style, or climb trees and nick some eggs.

Also, giants. I feel I should stress the giants. Because there are giants, as opposed to no giants. There may be some form of wolf queen too, and a monster-trout. And will I get to play as a warthog? Or have a pack of wolves as my pets?

I know nothing about WiLD. Neither do you. Ergo, my excitement.
I don’t know if it’ll be eight hours, or eighty?
If it’ll have crosshairs or combos?
Will there be a stamina and stealth meter, or no Heads Up Display whatsoever?

WiLD might end up being a nothing game, a quick cash cow for Sony.
But as of right now, it could be literally anything.


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