When Minecraft Meets Mirror's Edge - Edgecraft is Born


When Minecraft Meets Mirror's Edge - Edgecraft is Born

I loved Mirror's Edge... or at least I loved its potential.

As a game that valued exploration over combat and featured parkour-inspired environmental puzzles put together with wonderful graphics it was a game to be admired. And despite its flaws, I had a great time running through its many attractive corridors.

The main thing I remember about the game though was its stunning teaser trailer, a perfect representation of the best of what the game could have been. And now its been recreated in Minecraft.


That's a nice bit of editing and some serious patience was required to build that world, even if its mostly the same bland colours. The stylised shadows are especially lovely, really making it seem like the somewhat cell-shaded world which was build around Faith.

And its kind of funny that the graphics here are worse than in the 6 year old original.

You can download the map here.

Mirror's Edge 2 is actually in development, though with no firm release date we may be waiting awhile for real news.

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