Why Far Cry 4 Is Already the FPS King


Why Far Cry 4 Is Already the FPS King
E3 2014 – Gut Reactions

Somehow Far Cry has come to be defined by two distinct characteristics – Exotic setting. Bonkers baddie.

I am so on board with this notion they gave me a sailor’s cap and let me lob a Champaign bottle against the side of the hull!

It’s defined by its prettiness and nastiness because mechanically, we take for granted that Far Cry will melt our faces straight off our faces. Its gunplay is so moreish it makes otherwise competitive shooters like Bioshock and Borderlands seem stale and chewy.

That stealth system is wickedly robust! Not only does it put the likes of Splinter Cell to shame, but the only time you need even fire a bullet in Far Cry is when you’ve chained your third takedown in a row, marked the two remaining foes, throw a chokehold on one, swipe his sidearm and empty the clip into the remaining guard before breaking the neck you’re holding!

And this is without mentioning the fantastically flammable flora, the delicious destructible dwellings, the awesomely aggressive animals… And Holy Sh*t! Those explosives!
They’ve got to be the most splodey sploders that ever sploded!

Now, while Kyrat’s secrets and Pagan Min’s* idiosyncrasies will be kept well and truly under wraps for now, the E3 gameplay footage has more or less convinced me of how I’ll be finishing up Earth Year 2014.

*Voiced by Troy ‘I AM VIDEO GAMES’ Baker

Say one thing for Far Cry, say it’s so stressful you’ll pause at regular intervals to giddily puke your affection into a nearby toilet bowl, he said with but the merest hyperbolic hint. It’s a traumatic game though, amplified by the newly vertical level structure - Kyrat is a Himalayan nation. So Ubi have gifted players with a handy grapple (my Kingdom for a context sensitive grappling hook takedown) and earlier access to the wingsuit. Verticality works both ways. If we can be attacked from on high then only fair that we can open up a can of aerial ass whippin’!

Vehicular play has been improved significantly too. No longer will jeeps and buggies be limited to transport, battering rams or a means of showcasing my hilariously inadequate driving skills. Now I can shoot out a truck’s tires while burning a needless hand-break turn, or even get my Wei Shen on with spectacular and predictably grisly vehicle hijacks. And if you’re wondering whether or not you can drive a truck off a cliff before leaping from the driver’s seat, yanking on your wingsuit and gliding to safety? You can. Because this is Far Cry.

Said vehicular violence will actually boast context in Far Cry 4 as convoy missions will weave seamlessly through the Outpost encounters that have come to define the series. Additionally the main game will boast co-op objectives and exploration, with a second player not even needing a copy of the game to participate!

Finally, there are greater avenues for mayhem available to sneaky buggers. The throwing knife is no longer restricted to the takedown animation, an automatic stealth crossbow caters for more robust silenced CQB, explosive barrels and their HP hurting ilk can be kicked into positions more conducive to the slaughter. But best of all, taking a cue from Blood Dragon and its ‘chuck a heart’ mechanic, bait can now be used to either hunt down animals, like the newly rideable elephants, or to coax them into an Outpost shattering killing spree!

Please Note - the aforementioned elephants seem to be immune to volatile, fiery detonations. Just like in real life!

If it sounds like I’m gushing, I am. The best FPS on the market has just widened the gap between itself and the competition. Plus it’s less than six months away. In fact, with all these added features affixed to already solid play, gushing is going to be a major theme in Far Cry 4. Gushing blood, I mean. Coz of all the stabbing and stuff.
That was a bit laboured.
Shut up, I’m excited.

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