Why would you buy GTA V


Why would you buy GTA V
With Rockstar’s next big release, Grand Theft Auto V, coming out in the second quarter this year, will the next instalment in their infamous series live up to the standard expected today by fans of GTA and Rockstar games in general?
Rockstar is one of the top dogs in the gaming industry today and it’s easy to see why: They don't make bad games. The likes of L.A. Noire, released in May 2011, and Max Payne 3, released more recently, May 2012, (being two of the latest games to be released by the developer) both received terrific reviews upon release and are examples of the level of detail and work Rockstar put into their games. L.A. Noire and its amazing facial technology system, never seen before or since, shows commitment to their games.

Rockstar have built up a reputation for making great immersive titles and especially great open world games like GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption.

For GTA V, Rockstar have decided to try something new. Instead of having one main protagonist to play as in most games, previous games GTA being no exception, Grand Theft Auto V’s story is based around the lives of three main protagonists, whom you control at different points in the game. The new characters will cross paths with one another in the story and to a certain extent directly affect each other’s path throughout the game. Not much is known about the three main characters. But we do know that they are... Michael, a retired criminal living in luxury, Franklin, a young gun new to a life of crime and Trevor, a bad tempered trailer trash career criminal.

To learn more about the main characters and some things about the game check out our preview here...

It will be interesting to see what Rockstar do with these very different characters and how they fit into the story.
Naturally with a big game like GTA V, people are waiting for rumours to start to circle. Here are some of those being talked about the most:
The map size- The map is said to be 5x the size of the GTA IV map with Rockstar stating that it will be their "Biggest and most Ambitious" game yet. Currently the largest GTA map is San Andreas, which takes up 13.9 virtual square miles and needs approximately 20 mins to cross by standard car. So that’s a pretty big size to beat! Officially confirmed, Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos will be bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4 combined. So expect long travel times...

how big is GTA V's map going to be compared to others
How big is GTA V's map going to be compared to others?Enlarge Enlarge

GTA 5 is highly anticipated and is sure to sell a whole lot of copies very quickly. But there are many forums that discuss all the things wrong with the previous games and what needs to be fixed in Grand Theft Auto V. Will this deter people from buying the game? We think not. However the most common complaint about GTA is that money has no value. In all GTA games one of the primary objectives is making money. But that seems the one element missing from the game, there is nothing to spend the money on, apart from the odd outfit change which allows “customisation” of your character.
You play through hundreds of missions make hundreds of thousands of Dollars but you cant do anything... Unless you want to buy twenty thousand $5 hotdogs.

Lastly, we want to see solutions to other problems such as gameplay. Now gameplay has never been the strongest thing about GTA, in fact the system hasn’t changed all that much over previous outings. But with the introduction of a new cover system in GTA IV, Rockstar really need to give us very polished gameplay. Hopefully these issues, and others like the constant need to play stupid mini-games (bowling and darts) and go on dates have been removed and will not be a major factor in the next game.

Hopefully, Rockstar can produce something as good as some of their previous games. If not the plot could just turn out to be a confusing mess with the three characters’ stories colliding in a bad way. We will have to wait until sometime this spring to find out.

Either way, you’ll find me at the top of the queue come launch day ready to part with my hard earned cash.

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