Wii U loses Rayman Legends exclusivity


Wii U loses Rayman Legends exclusivity
Will other titles follow?
Nintendo has lost its grip on one of its Wii U exclusives with the news that Rayman Legends will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U in September, six months after its original release date. Managing director of Ubisoft’s French studios, Xavier Poix, said that this move was in reaction to fan feedback after the original announcement.

“When we saw all the comments when we announced the game would be focused on Wii U, all of the people that have both the PlayStation 3 and 360 were really disappointed,” Poix said in an interview with IGN. He added, “So we thought it was making more sense to also bring the game to where it was originally from. That means Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So we decided to go for a multiplatform launch simultaneously.”

The Xbox and PlayStation versions will play similarly to Rayman Origins, while the Wii U will keep its exclusive GamePad-based cooperative form. Poix explained, “If they loved the Origins experience, it’s close to the same kind of feeling but with a level of immersion and brand new settings that haven’t been seen before. Even in terms of visuals, we built our own engine in terms of lighting, in terms of having 3D elements so you can have dragons that fly from far to go in your face and back. It’s a unique kind of 2D platforming experience.”

With regards to the delay, Poix said that it’s for the fans and about bringing the experience to as many fans as possible. PlayStation and Xbox owners will be delighted with the news, but it seems strange that the title has been pushed back so long on Wii U to accommodate a simultaneous release. Rival console owners may be hoping that Bayonetta 2 is next (although that seems unlikely).

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