Will FIFA 17 tell the career mode story I've always wanted?


Will FIFA 17 tell the career mode story I've always wanted?

As a long-time fan of the FIFA series, I’m always intrigued as to what a new iteration of FIFA will offer. Yes, there’s usually a lot of buzzwords and marketing hype, but there are typically some interesting additions, improvements, and changes too.

This year’s biggest addition is titled “The Journey.” It is a more structured single story mode in which you’ll take an up-and-coming player on the verge of signing for a Premier League side and guide him through his career. Unlike FIFA’s typical Be a Pro mode, you’ll manage your player’s life off the field once the final whistle blows.

As someone who has perhaps gotten a little too old for the online environment, and a little too impatient with the endless barrage of lobbed through balls or whatever the go-to tactic is in a given year, another single player mode is right up my alley.

A story-driven mode is particularly intriguing. In previous FIFA titles, I have dived into the Be a Pro mode with vigour, even going so far as to record a YouTube series in which I charted my player’s career.

The Journey puts more structure on this single player story and should throw some added drama into the mix on and off the field. Perhaps a story crafted by professionals will allow me to tell and enjoy the story that I’ve always wanted.

The story will unfold when FIFA 17 arrives on September 30.

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