Windows 10 Will Bring Xbox One and PC Gamers Together!


Windows 10 Will Bring Xbox One and PC Gamers Together!

Microsoft had a major press event yesterday to show off all the latest developments with Windows 10, and gamers have more than a little to celebrate as well.

The new operating system is set to offer deep integration of the many different sides of the company's software, drawing together PC, tablet and mobile users but also offering more functionality than ever before to those who want to join the party from their Xbox One.

Among other things, you'll now be able to access an Xbox App whch works across PC and console, so you have one list of contacts, activity and messages. And that's also the beginning of one of the biggest new additions - the ability to play against PC users on console and vice versa.

It's a thing which has been tried before - way back in the mists of time with the Dreamcast and PC, when mouse and keyboard ruled the roost - but 2015 is an ideal time to integrate the two groups again. Gamepad controls are better than ever and the increased power of the Xbox One means graphically intense games can also bridge the divide.

Extending this new gaming remit, you'll also be able to stream titles from your Xbox One for use on compatible devices - so of course your Windows 10 Pc but also your MS Surface tablet. Plenty of accessories will be available for use across the devices, making remote play a real possibility for the first time.

DirectX 12 brings enhanced graphics to Windows 10, provided the game supports it, and MS is updating its Game DVR software to also work through Windows 10 - making it easier than ever to capture, edit and share your best gaming moments.

And one of the final annoucements was that Fable Legends is coming to PC, and its going to launch the same day as the PC version. Same date PC releases are increasingly rare, and MS will also be offering the ability to play against other gamers across both platforms in the action RPG on launch day.

It's set to be a pretty exciting year for Xbox, Microsoft and Windows users, and we'll have plenty of updates in the coming months.

A Windows 10 Tech Preview will be available next week, and the same OS will be coming to the Xbox One later in 2015.

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