Woah Dave! will be free for PS Plus members in April


Woah Dave! will be free for PS Plus members in April

Woah Dave! will be a free title for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. But keep it quiet; it’s supposed to be a secret.

It’s not officially part of the Instant Game Collection for April, so you’ll have to search for it. But, just like the actual Instant Game Collection titles, you will be able to download it for free.

Woah Dave! is a minimalist platformer in which players try to destroy eggs and monsters, which can evolve over time, earning points in the process. Everything is trying to kill you and, as you only earn $0.01 per kill, don’t expect to be setting monumental scores.

The title was previously part of January's Instant Game Collection for Vita. Those who grabbed it then will instantly get it on PlayStation 4, while those downloading it now will be able to get access to the Vita version via Cross-Buy.

The PlayStation 4 version comes with all the Deluxe Content Choice Provisions. This includes two new levels, five new characters (plus a hidden sixth), boss battles, new enemy types, rideable UFOs, some new Easter eggs, and the option to play the original game with "Classic Mode".

Woah Dave! is now free to North American players, while Europeans will get their hands on it tomorrow.

Woah Dave! will be free for PS Plus members in April on ClickOnline.com
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