Wolfenstein: The New Order E3 trailer is here!


Wolfenstein: The New Order E3 trailer is here!
The Nazis are coming!
The game that invented the first person shooter is back, as Wolfenstein makes a return in 2013.

21 years ago, id Software changed the perspective of the shooter genre forever with the original Wolfenstein, a game which invented many of the aspect of the FPS that we still use today.

Now, new developers MachineGames are putting players back in the boots ofBilly"B.J." Blazkowicz for a game set in an alternative 1960s where the Nazis have been ruling the world for almost two decades. But that ain't gonna stand.

Check out the E3 trailer for some Nazi-ified takes on some iconic images, including The Beatles' Abbey Road. It's weird.

Wilfenstein: The New Order will be coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in December 2013.

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