Wolfenstein The Old Blood out on Xbox One now!


Wolfenstein The Old Blood out on Xbox One now!

Wolfenstein The New Order was a kickass first person shooter which arrived in 2014 and delivered one of the best stories of the year, as well as plenty of Nazi killing ultraviolence.

Happily, we didn't have to wait long for more from developers Machine Game, there's already a sequel!

Or should we say prequel - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a new stand alone story (so you don't have to buy The New Order) which takes place before the events of that game in 1946 as leading man B.J. Blazkowicz heads out to find the location of General Deathhead's compound.

That puts him in harms way acros an epic, two-part mission deep inside Germany, where he'll face off against supersoldiers from the Nazi regime and use new weapons to take them apart. There's a new feel to the game, which is a bit stealthy and also gleefully self-aware, and plenty of variety in the lengthy campaign.

But the best news is the price, it'll only cost €19.99 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And the game is out now to buy digitally on Microsoft's console and PC, with the PS4 version coming tomorrow and a retail release in stores next week.

Go get some!

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