Xbox 360 Version of Titanfall Pushed Back Again


Xbox 360 Version of Titanfall Pushed Back Again
New release date set for April 8th...

More bad news for Xbox 360 owners eagerly awaiting the launch of online shooter Titanfall, as publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that the game has been delayed yet again, with April 8th now the the date to mark in your diaries.

The game, which launched on both PC and Xbox One on March 11th in North America, has proven to be a smash hit with gamers and critics alike, however it seems that there have been some issues in pulling everything together for the Xbox 360 release.

Unlike the previously released versions which were developed by Respawn Entertainment, the Xbox 360 version is being handled by Bluepoint Games, but a statement from Electronic Arts has aimed to appease those affected by the delay, claiming that the new release date will ensure that the game can be as good as possible and allows for some additional polishing from the developers. The statement, released on, reads as follows:

Since its debut on March 11,Titanfalland its adrenaline-fueled gameplay on Xbox One and PC has taken the gaming world by storm. I’ve spent many hours already dropping titans into the heat of battle and running along walls as a pilot, and I can tell you I am hooked. Our partners at Respawn have made a truly awesome and dynamic new experience that I will be playing for a long time to come.

The fan content that has been created so far has also been incredible. From taking out multiple titans with aperfectly timed Nuclear Ejectionto pulling off one of themost impressive satchel kills to date, the fun thatTitanfalldelivers is clearly captivating the community. Those are just a sample – there’s a ton of amazing content on the brand newTitanWalllaunched by Respawn. Check back often for some of the latest and most entertaining new content from fans around the world.

Now, I want to update everyone onTitanfallfor Xbox 360 in development with Bluepoint Games. I’ve been playing the game a lot, and it is fantastic. But we see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epicTitanfallexperience for Xbox 360 players.Titanfallfor Xbox 360 will now be releasing on April 8 in North America, and beginning on April 11 in Europe. The game will feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons and Burn Cards as the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get the last details right. See you on the Frontier.

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