Xbox One Gets Official Japanese Launch Date


Xbox One Gets Official Japanese Launch Date
September 4th is the big day for Japanese gamers...

After months of waiting for a concrete release date, Japanese gamers will finally be able to get their hands on the Xbox One from September 4th. There had been much speculation as to when the device would see the light of day in Japan, but the wait is finally drawing to a close, and almost ten months after the console launched in Europe and North America, it'll hit stores in the Asian territory for the first time.

Japan has never been a particularly strong region for Microsoft, so it's perhaps not surprising that it's taken so long for the console to see the light of day there, but with an impressive 48 Japanese developers, including Capcom, Square Enix and Sega, signing up to work on titles within the Japanese region for the console,the company will be hoping for a shift in fortunes.

The Xbox One's major competitor, Sony's PlayStation 4, launched in Japan back in February of this year, and has been performing reasonably well, so there's a lot of work that'll need to be done by Microsoft to ensure that Sony's seven month lead can be peeled back as quickly as possible.

To date, the Xbox One has shipped around 5 million units to retailers around the world, but with 26 more territories still to get the console in September, that number is expected to see a big boost towards the end of the year.

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