Xbox Onesie is a totally real thing


Xbox Onesie is a totally real thing

There's an Xbox One console and now an even smaller Xbox One S, so Microsoft thought it was time to release another new product.


It's a onesie that has been designed to keep you warm and also has huge pockets for your gamepad and media remote and even a pocked in the sleeve for your mobile. You can go one better and get your actual Gamertag embroidered into the bally thing!

It's actually a pretty fun product, and a sign that Microsoft has some good ideas left when it comes to engaging its core audience. Though we're not a fan of how much mess this young lady is making.

The word is that these onesies are going to be available in Australia first (according to Press Start) and quantities will be pretty limited. There no official pricing yet but we're expecting them to be fairly expensive. Xbox cushions are probably not essential.

Let's hope there's some availability in Europe before the winter closes in.

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