XCOM 2 is coming - are you ready to take on ET?


XCOM 2 is coming - are you ready to take on ET?

If you're really old (like us) you might remember a game from 1993 called UFO: Enemy Unknown. It's pretty likely that you don't in fact, but that game spawned a 1995 sequel called X-COM Terror from the Deep, kicking off a turn based strategy franchise which ran through the 90s before terminating in 2001 with X-COM Enforcer. This is what exciting games looked like in 1993 by the way.

The series came back with a bang in 2012 thanks to the revisionist wonders of XCOM Enemy Unknown - where the loss of a hyphen managed to create a fantastically deep tactical action title, including permanent death for units which made you terrified of every encounter.

Three years on and 2K Games has finally confirmed a fully fledged sequel, appropriately named XCOM 2. And it sounds even tougher than the previous game.

Humanity is on the run after being defeated by the alien threat in the previous game. You're tasked with managing the resistance forces, taking small victories where you can and keeping on the move and trying to save what's left of the human race.

The game is a PC exclusive for now - though the previous title did come to consoles - and is set for a November 2015 release.

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