You can play Fruit Ninja in VR


You can play Fruit Ninja in VR

Virtual reality is here, and this advanced technology is going to be put to the ultimate test - slicing fruit into bits as it falls from the sky.

That's right, Fruit Ninja is now in VR! With the simple mechanics and perspective, and the very physical act of slicing and dicing those fruits, it actually the perfect game to show off the presence and responsiveness of VR.

Happily, it's debuting on the HTC Vive via Steam, which means you'll get to use those great wireless controllers as dual samurai swords. With some subtle feedback it's going to feel like a totally authentic experience.

The 1:1 controls allow for some pretty incredible stuff, like balancing a bomb on your blades before casually flicking it out of the way, and spearing multiple fruit enemies before destroying them all for a combo. This might be a real killer app for VR.

Fruit Ninja is in early access now on Steam, which means its not quite finished and could be prone to bugs. It does mean you can get it cheaper, and you'll automatically be upgraded to the full release in October.

More info here.

You can play Fruit Ninja in VR on
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