You Can Play Unreal Tournament 2014 Now. For Free!


You Can Play Unreal Tournament 2014 Now. For Free!

Unreal Tournament is back in 2014 - with a free to play version planned before the end of the year.

Back in 1999, Epic Games got in early on the whole multiplayer deathmatch thing with the Original Unreal Tournament. It was fast paced, arcadey, gorgeous to look at and a riot to play. Basically all the things 1998's Unreal really, really wasn't.

The fun factor of Unreal Tournament set it apart from the dreary technicality of Quake, especially coupled with the speed and tone of the whole affair. Multiple sequels followed, with th lat expansion for UT3 released as recently as 2009.

With online play reaching its zenith, its the perfect time for Unreal Tournament to return, and its set to fall into the free to play model when it arrives in 2014. The new game is currently being developed via crowdsourcing, with many different people providing assets and development work to bring it to life.

And that means parts of the game are out there in the wild already, with a user called raxxy making it available to anyone who wants it. You can find the builds here as well as some info on how to install them on PC. You'll need a bit of knowhow to work your way around the steps and the version you'll find is far from finished, with textureless levels and plenty of bugs.

If you'd rather go the more official route, you can head here for information on how to get set up with the Unreal 4 Engine which is at the heart of the UT4 experience.

You Can Play Unreal Tournament 2014 Now. For Free! on
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