You could get a refund for No Man's Sky today!


You could get a refund for No Man's Sky today!

No Man's Sky has been out for a few weeks now and the player response has been pretty complex, and also not very surprising.

There was simply no way that this massively ambitious game from a tiny team could ever have lived up to the hype of the last few years. In some ways its a shame that Sony picked up the property and ran headlong into the promotional campaign with it as the game would have benefitted from a smaller release and some time to patch in new features.

Still millions of players have thrown themselves headlong into this massive interstellar world, and we actually had a good amount of fun wandering and discovering new species and planets.

However, if you aren't enjoying your time in No Man's Sky you could get a refund. According to reports, players with digital copies are getting their money back even after dozens of hours of play from services including Steam, Amazon and the PlayStation Network.

Refunds are being handled on a case by case basis but many players are having sucess by citing the promises which were made ahead of relese and the ways in which the game failed to deliver.

So if you've failed to be captivated by having a whole universe to explore, it might be time to think about going on a new quest for a refund.

You could get a refund for No Man`s Sky today! on
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