You'll Be Able to Go Beyond Level 20 in Destiny


You'll Be Able to Go Beyond Level 20 in Destiny

The Destiny beta was a bit of a mixed bag - nice shooting, strong graphics and a fairly large world hand in hand with repetitive missions, overpowered enemies and a lack of personality that threatened to put me to sleep.

One of the most irksome things was the level cap of 8 during the beta, especially as weapons items and enemies from higher levels were freely available. But Bungie had to cut players off somewhere and a large map with a level cap is probably a better indicator of the game as a whole.

Now, we've heard a little more about the cap in the full game. While its been confirmed that 20 is the top tier for the moment, that doesn't mean you'll stop getting shinies after you reach that point.

After level 20 you'll collect light instead of regular XP and these can be used to make special armour that makes your character even more awesome with augmented stats. Not incidentally, they'll also look very cool, making you stand out on this war torn battlefield.

Light then becomes a stat that's attached to your character and other items. What that means isn't really clear but its a reference to the fact that you play as one of the few remaining Guardians of the Light, fighting back against (you guessed it) the bad fellows of the Darkness.

This extra levelling also feeds into previous comments by Bungie about the difficulty levels of some co-op raids and later enemies. Even for a maxed out level 20 player, some of these instances will be very difficult so adding more levelling with light makes you that bit more capable for the challenging moments.

IGN got a first look at the higher levelling and you can see a pretty technical chat here. Some of those powers are pretty darn cool!

Bungie is coming to all major platforms on the 9th of September 2014.

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