You'll be able to make movies in Battlefield 1


You'll be able to make movies in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 already has a huge multiplayer mode and a large single player campaign but EA and DICE are keen to add plenty of extra features for players.

For the first time in the series on consoles, players will be able to dive into matches and grab footage which they can then edit together like an epic war movie. These creative tools will come into the games Spectator mode in a way which should make it easy to work with on a controller.

Here's a fascinating preview of the functionality from ShadowSix.

There's a lot here including the ability to move cameras anywhere you want, toy with field of view and even- gods be praised- depth of field! Together with some (fairly limited) filters, you'll be able to not only make your footage look absolutely distinctive but also give things a real cinematic feel thanks to these elements.

It seems pretty easy to use as well, if naturally a bit more cumbersome than playing around with a mouse and keyboard. You'll be able to capture the footage as you normally do and stream them or get down with the editing- the choice is yours. And these features will be on console and PC and you're totally free to ignore them as well.

It's great to see more features like this being added, regardless of platform and Battlefield 1 is looking like an increasingly generous package. Play it on the 21st of October, 2016.

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