Zombie Army Trilogy is Out Now - Launch Trailer


Zombie Army Trilogy is Out Now - Launch Trailer

In any given year there are few enough games which I feel much anticipation for. Sure the plethora of trailers sometimes instills a little hype in me for blockbuster titles or stir of nostalgia for a long-running franchise but generally I'm a fairly ambivalent. Not so towards Zombie Army Trilogy.

It's a trio of games (2 remasters and one new) which sees you taking on zombie nazis. You're a sniper and removing the head or destroying the brain has always been a safe bet against the shambling dead. So go forth and do so. Here's the launch trailer.

Yes I know these games have mostly been released before and they're pretty much just zombie reskins of Sniper Elite. I don't care. Why don't I care? Because I literally never, ever get tired of the X-Ray Kill Cam which takes each and every headshot and turns into into a thing of rare, slow motion infused beauty. Bone shatters, organs are punctured and it's all so gorgeous and brutal.

I just find that kind of terrible mayhem relaxing, take from that what you will. Zombie Army Trilogy comprises the first two games plus an all new title which sees you killing the aforementioned. There's also a new co-op mode letting you take the fight to ze Nazis with up to three others and Horde mode which you can play solo or as a team of up to 4.

Plus, all the headshots.

Zombie Army Trilogy is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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