Arctic Monkeys deny their shows are a routine


Arctic Monkeys deny their shows are a routine
The Orwells claim the English band even use the same ad-libs every single night

Arctic Monkeys have had to defend themselves against claims all of their shows are a ''routine''. The 'R U Mine?’ band were critiqued by American act The Orwells, their US support for the entire US tour. The American group claim they play the same show every night without any variation - down to frontman Alex Turner’s ad libs.

Guitarist Matt O'Keefe of The Orwells told Gigwise “When you're playing arenas and everything, it's a huge production then the show has to become synchronised to work.

''So every night no matter how he [Alex] was feeling he'd go into that opening riff. It was the exact same ad-libs he was putting between songs. So we were with them for about 50 dates, you saw them once you'd pretty much seen every date they'd played.”

Turner, 28, has responded by telling News Limited “They should have been out trying to get laid instead of watching us every night. There comes a time on a tour when something works and you tend to leave it alone. We have been changing it around a little bit. You can't mess around with it too much. It's almost like the show isn't designed to be watched by the same person every night.

“Nowadays people share the set lists, but I'm by no means f***ing phoning it in. It's not like we have (pre-recorded) tracks we're up there f***ing doing it.”

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