Arnie didn't see catch line lasting so long


Arnie didn't see catch line lasting so long
Arnold Schwarzenegger is surprised ‘I’ll be back’ has stood the test of time, sort of

One of the biggest movie reprisals is about to happen with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking up his old role of the Terminator, which he first played in 1984 and returned to twice since then, in 1991 and 2003 respectively. Third time’s a charm Arnie.

Speaking about the role, Arnie confessed he never would have expected for his catchphrase ‘I’ll be back’ to take off and become the most quoted line in film history. Did anybody? He told The Sunday Times, “When I said 'I'll be back', I didn't have the foggiest idea that it would become the most quoted line in movie history.

"I think it's just how you say it. Like the line, 'Get to the chopper.' I sometimes visit a university to do a speech and people are screaming, 'Get to the chooopper!' and then they ask me to say that in the microphone, in my way, with my accent. I mean, what's funny about that?” Everything is funny about that Arnie. Funny accents can make or break a career.

Arnie didn`t see catch line lasting so long on
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