Arnie Resented SWAT Training for Sabotage. Because he's you now Arnie!


Arnie Resented SWAT Training for Sabotage. Because he's you now Arnie!
Schwarzenegger trained with a real-life SWAT team at director David Ayer's request but he couldn't understand why he needed to do so.

He explained: "I told him, 'Why do I need weapons training? I've shot more people than anyone in the industry and I've killed more people than anyone?'"

The role was physically demanding and his fitness routine helped him cope with filming the intense scenes.

Schwarzenegger added: "I always have an hour in the morning of cardiovascular and then 45 minutes to an hour at night with the weights.

"It gives you the advantage when you have a crazy director who says, 'I want you to be in top shape, we are going to run up the stairs 50 times and break through the doors!'"

The 66-year-old hunk hits the big screen in the action thriller where he plays the commander of an elite squad of DEA operatives, John 'Breacher' Wharton, and wasn't pleased about his new look which didn't suit him.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I wore a hat all the time I was off set because people would say, 'Jesus, you look weird.'"

Arnie Resented SWAT Training for Sabotage. Because he`s you now Arnie! on
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