Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez tying the knot in Canada


Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez tying the knot in Canada
The wild couple are taking things up a notch and getting married

Cara has always joking called many a close friend ‘wifey’-Rita we’re looking at you, but this time it could be for real as things take a very serious turn in her relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez. The high profile model-turned-actress and her Machete Kills/ Resident Evil Michelle Rodriguez have been dating for months and have been in the spotlight ever since their make-out session at Madison Square Garden in January.

Reports are saying the couple want to really make a public announcement they are together for real, and the first step is by attending music-junkie Cara’s favourite festivals. A source recently told The Sun “Cara and Michelle are getting more and more serious. They've already been away as a couple to Thailand and now want to go to their first festival together. Cara is a big festival-goer and this is a dry run for Glastonbury. She loves the Somerset event and wants to take Michelle this year to experience it too.”

This isn’t where the plans end though obviously, as Cara has been rumoured to want to marry her new girlfriend at Niagara Falls in Canada in the near future. The source said “It's typical of Cara to want to do something crazy and impulsive. But she seems deadly serious. They've talked about what kind of big day they'd have. Cara says she wants them to wed in their own element with no priest or anyone with a religious background”.

Get your non-white or cream water-resistant clothes ready for the big day then.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez tying the knot in Canada on
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