Courtney Love talks about Kurt Cobain's death anniversary


Courtney Love talks about Kurt Cobain's death anniversary
Courtney Love
On this Saturday passed it was the 20th anniversary of the grunge singer’s death

Yesterday, Saturday April 5, was the 20th anniversary of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s death by his own hand. Speaking of his passing, his widow Courtney Love says she still thinks of his suicide every single day and struggles without him still. She told NME “Kurt's death was just the biggest low, man. I have my own private stuff that I do [to mark it] that I don't really want to share with the world. It's just my thing. It still makes me sad that it happened, every single day. On the anniversary day itself, you sort of battle through it. I do my chanting and praying”.

She also explained how confusing it is to know how to mark the day, telling NME “I don't like the message it sends out. I'd rather celebrate his birthday than celebrate his death day, but people tend to celebrate the death day, don't they? Even with Elvis and Lennon, that's just the tradition of how it happens in rock 'n' roll, I guess”.

Meanwhile his daughter Frances Bean Cobain has reportedly become “paranoid” according to sources close to her, given the interest in her family and her father’s death. A source speaking to The Sun said “Frances rarely goes out. Her staff are sent to buy bags of take-out food a few times a day for her and her friends.

“She has barely been seen outside in 18 months and has turned her Mediterranean-style home into a fortress by building giant walls to cut herself off from the world and installing tons of CCTV. She seems pretty paranoid”.

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