David Walliams finds his inner One Direction


David Walliams finds his inner One Direction
Irish One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan inspired Little Britain funnyman David Walliams to impersonate the band.
Comedian David lined out in five different wigs and costumes to mimic the five bandmates after meeting Niall (18) from Mullingar, Co Westmeath, last year at The X Factor studios. Walliams (40) stepped out in a blonde mop and a goofy smile as Niall in the photo. “I’ve only met Niall from One Direction,” he said. “I went to see The X Factor last year and Niall came up to me and told me that he’d been to see Matt [Lucas] and me in Little Britain Live when we went on tour.”

He revealed he made a rude gesture to the boyband when they were on stage on The X Factor. “I was sitting there in the audience and they were on stage at the end of the show, so I gave him a wave,” he said. “I saw him pointing me out to the rest of the band.“Then I waited until I got all the boys’ attention and did this [does a ‘w**ker’ sign with hand]. They loved it!

”David insisted the band’s hair is the secret to their chart success.“It’s all about hair,” he said. “The girls love floppy hair. If only I’d known that when I was 16. They seem fun and likeable.” The comic — whose hilarious sketch features in a Heat magazine photo this week — also revealed he watches The X Factor “religiously”. He admitted his favourite contestant is Louis Walsh’s act, Johnny Robinson (45).“ He’s genuinely loveable and funny,” he said.“ He reminds me of Charles Hawtrey from the Carry On films.“ He's so sweet and his story is so moving. Coming from that bedsit to this. He’s going to be doing personal appearances in regional gay clubs for the rest of his life. As will I!”

Meanwhile, Niall has been flooded with messages of support from fans after he hurt his knee.He wrote on Twitter: “Did my knee in today!! happens way to much! dislocated again! bad times.”

The original One Direction

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