Fashion world seethes at Kim Kardashian getting Vogue cover


Fashion world seethes at Kim Kardashian getting Vogue cover
Anna Wintour once said Kim would be on the cover ‘over her dead body’

Kim Kardashian may have won over an overwhelming amount of mainstream society but until now the outlandish and whimsical world of fashion has sneered at her candidly excessive sexual self-promotion with disdain and the occasional bout of scoffing. It appears their loathing of the Kardashian brand, of which Kim is Queen, has waned as she and rapper fiancé Kanye are to appear on fashion bible Vogue.

The real life Meris Crane of Frasier, Anna Wintour, once wrote Kim Kardashian off as “the worst thing since socks and sandals”, so what has changed her mind? Kanye has, simple as. Speculation that Kardashian dollars have helped Wintour condone the clan as one of the fashionable pack is laughable, considering Kim couldn’t buy her way into the MET Gala pre-Kanye even though she was willing to pay the $25,000 a ticket. Unless you are to believe the Illuminati is a real thing, it must be down to West’s parlay skills over his own amount of power deciding what is or isn’t a cultural trend.

He hasmade Kim one and therefore Anna must accept it, or risk the self-assured, social media savvy ‘in’ world of mainstream rap’s king Kanye turning against her. We’re guessing it was a Godfather horse head in the bed trick of persuasion to make sure Kim became fashionista-friendly with the promise he wouldn’t diss Vogue as old-fashioned or non-street. Just a guess (so right though).

The fashion crew have, predictably, not taken too well to this, with fashion magazine Flare characterizing the mood in its tweet outburst “Hell hath frozen over” and fashion bloggers saying “this is NOTHING about fashion” among other less printable things. Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted "Well......I guess I'm cancelling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???"

Kim though, is as delighted with herself as a cocker spaniel in the sea, totally unaware of how many new haters she has accumulated by edging her way into FROW status, tweeting “This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can't even breathe!” Good, they won’t be able to chock you then when they get their real-leather brand name gloves with this season’s edgy attaché around your unwitting throat.

Fashion world seethes at Kim Kardashian getting Vogue cover on
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