Jamie Bell wouldn't begin his acting career now


Jamie Bell wouldn't begin his acting career now
Jamie Bell thinks if he had start in his twenties, acting would be too off-putting and daunting

Witnessing the outstanding acting and dance performance by the young Jamie Bell aged thirteen in Billy Elliot, the Durham-raised young boy brought up by a single mother couldn’t be anything but an performer. At least that’s what we would’ve thought, but Bell thinks otherwise as he recently stated in an interview with New York magazine that if he had to start afresh career-wise now in his late twenties, he would consider being a gardener.

The Adventures of Tintin actor explained “To be honest with you, I can't imagine just coming into the business now. I'd be terrified and it would probably scare me off.

I wonder if coming in so young and not having those preconceived ideas of being an actor or working in Hollywood or being a celebrity -- which obviously are all part of the business, part of the industry -- if not having those things as a child just allows you to pursue things without any ... maybe without any forethought! [Laughs.]

I've always done things without a second thought; like, if it's something that I want to do, I do it. There isn't a feeling of, 'How's this gonna look, what happens if it doesn't work?”

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