Jason Manford spends €4000 on drinks for audience


Jason Manford spends €4000 on drinks for audience
Manchester comedian Jason Manford apologises for tardiness with a round for all 850 audience members

Acts are often late to perform at a gig, but Jason Manford the Mancunian comedian wasn’t allowing himself slip into star behaviour. The comedian apologised to his audience of 850 people in Lincoln by promising them a drink each from the bar.

With the show expected to begin at 7.30pm and the bar to close 10 minutes beforehand, Manford was already running 15 minutes late. He then posted on Facebook that he was stuck in traffic and unable to get there for a while longer. He went on to instruct the staff at the Engine Shed venue to allow everyone one drink to “to relieve the boredom till I arrive with my show”. He then added “Lincoln, I’ll be there in 25 minutes, go to the bar and get yourself a drink… Don’t be ordering doubles you cheeky bastards!”

Expectedly, the gesture was received very well, with many thanking him on social media and posting pictures of their free drinks. The guests were even more appreciative when he later disclosed the bar tab of over €4,000 or £3,532.40. Accompanying the snap of the tab he wrote “Seemed like good idea to offer free drink cos of lateness! But shoulda added Kopparberg to the banned list of drinks!” The venue manager said it was an unprecedented event.

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