Justin Bieber to buy holiday home in UK - Awkward. He's not really invited....


Justin Bieber to buy holiday home in UK - Awkward. He's not really invited....
Justin Bieber wants a house on the Isle Of Wight.

The 'Boyfriend' singer is thinking of investing in a holiday home on the island - located on the English Channel and only accessible by hovercraft or boat - as a perfect location to enjoy secluded holidays with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

An insider told Showbiz Spy: "Justin wants somewhere quiet to escape to when it all gets too much.

"England has always appealed to him, and he wants somewhere that feels like it's cut of from the rest of the world - which is why he has his heart set on the Isle of Wight."

The 20-year-old pop star has already got his team on the hunt for the right house, and is sparing no expense.

The source added: "His people are putting out feelers and trying to find him the perfect property for him and Selena to enjoy as and when they feel like it. Of course, money is no object."

The property hunt comes after Justin sold his Calabasas home in Los Angeles to Khloe Kardashian earlier this month, following a string of complaints from neighbours over his wild antics.

Justin is now planning to settle into a home in Atlanta, Georgia as part of a bid to launch a hip-hop career.

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