Kevin Spacey loved photobombing Oscar selfie


Kevin Spacey loved photobombing Oscar selfie
Kevin Spacey wrestled other celebrities out of the way to photobomb

The 'House of Cards' actor "climbed over" John Travolta and pushed away other famous faces at the Academy Awards in March this year to make sure he was in the famous picture alongside Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt after he recently grasped the trend of intentionally being in a image that is being taken of someone else.

Talking to Ellen on her talk show, the 54-year-old star said: "In the last year I've got into the whole photobomb. I've understood it.

"I was sitting, the aisle as here [at the Oscars], you were there with Meryl [Streep] over there [points] I was sitting three or four seats in. I think I had to climb over John Travolta to get to it. I saw this happening and thought this is the most awesome photobomb I'm getting in. I literally got straight to the back, I think I had to shove John Stamos down, Liza Minnelli was behind me trying to get seen."

The photograph, which was taken by Bradley on behalf of Oscars host Ellen, who then tweeted it, is believed to have been seen by 37 million people worldwide.

Publicis CEO Maurice Levy has valued it at between $800 million and $1 billion, he previously told a crowd at MIPTV.

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