Kian Egan will not spoil son


Kian Egan will not spoil son
Koa will have to earn his own money

My son will learn as life goes on that he must earn what he wants

Voice of Ireland judge Kian Egan’s son Koa will not be given a life of luxury without earning it for himself.

The Westlife singer yesterday recalled that, when he was young, his late father Kevin Egan was the only earner in a three-bedroom house with seven children.

Kian said Koa’s birth in December to wife Jodi Albert brought them both ultimate happiness. But he said that despite his own wealth, Koa will not be handed a luxury lifestyle on a platter.

Kian said: “As children, we had no concept of money because we never knew it was an issue. But it must have been, with dad the only income-earner in the house and seven children to be reared... my son will learn as life goes on that he must earn what he wants.”

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