Lily Allen Wishes She Was More Like Kanye


Lily Allen Wishes She Was More Like Kanye
Lily Allen would like to be "anything like" Kanye West.

The 'Hard Out Here' singer, who named her latest album 'Sheezus', a play on the rapper's 'Yeezus' record, wants to be just like the star and is trying to break the American music market.

Lily told New York radio station Z100: "I'm totally for Kanye, he's a G, he's cool, he's Yeezus, I'd like to be anything like him. (sic)"

Asked what she would say to new American fans who are just discovering her music, she quipped: "[I'd say] pleazus buy Sheezus (sic)"

The 28-year-old singer is currently visiting the US to promote her new music and has been to the likes of New York and Las Vegas and has posted photographs of her trip on Instagram, showing her relaxing in the sun and even taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Meanwhile, the 'Air Balloon' hitmaker previously admitted she is "terrified" she might receive a call from Kanye after paying homage to his successful record.

She said: "I'm terrified ... I thought he'd think it was a diss, but it's totally not a diss, I love Kanye I think he's brilliant.

"He speaks his mind, whether what he's saying is ridiculous or not, he honestly does believe it and I think there's a lot to be said for that in this day and age."

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