L'Wren Scott's sister slams Mick Jagger


L'Wren Scott's sister slams Mick Jagger
L'Wren Scott's sister said she "deserved more."

L'Wren Scott's sister, Jan Shane, has spoken out against Mick Jagger and his family and the way they handled the fashion designer's funeral. Jan accused Jagger, Scott's partner of 13 years, of "hijacking" her memorial and said that she "deserved more" than her funeral in Los Angeles.

Jan said that her sister, who's real name was Luann Bambrough, should have been buried beside her parents in her hometown of Ogden, Utah, saying that: "It's become a media circus, it's so not how Luann would have wanted it.

"She has been away from home for so long, this is her place, not in some strange cemetery in Los Angeles. It has no connection, but its Mick and his kinds that are making all the decisions."

Jan went on to say that her sister's memorial had become a "showbiz, fake funeral" and that she deserved more.

She further said that she will be contesting certain parts of L'Wren Scott's will, even though the late Ms. Scott named her long-time partner Mick Jagger as the sole beneficiary.

L'Wren's brother Randall Bambrough was the only member of her immediate family to attend her funeral which took place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Tuesday.

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