Once again Lindsay Lohan relapses


Once again Lindsay Lohan relapses
The child star has been plummeting for the last few years and things aren’t looking better

Whether it is a desperate move to try tackle her problems in an honest way or if it is an end-of-tether decision to make some money, Lindsay Lohan’s new reality TV show ‘Lindsay’ is documenting a sad decline that began years ago. In the latest episode, the troubled star confesses to drinking again despite being to rehab six times.

On Sunday the out-of-work actress tearfully admitted she had relapsed into drinking again after being called out by her life coach AJ Johnson when her mother claimed to have not only shared a drink with her but later found a bottle in her apartment.

Furious at being confronted, she initially denied before admitting to “screwing up”. The Mean Girls actress had run off to LA for a week, cutting contact with her coach and missing an important meeting with Columbia Films’ Devon Franklin, her coach felt they had run out of options.

Lindsay explained “'I rushed into a relationship ... and I jumped right into a relationship where we weren't on the same page. I wasn't considering the fact that the person I was seeing does drink and yeah. ... I had some wine. It's OK to admit it. ... It's really scary. ... It took me a bit to realise, but then I thought, why am I holding this in? Yeah, f**k it, I screwed up and that's OK”.

Her life coach Johnson however, said “'I was expecting her to call, I didn't hear from her all week. I'm calling Lindsay a friend right now but I feel like there is no consideration”. When Lindsay refused to speak to AJ after she turned up to her apartment the next day, she decided it was time to “leave before things got ugly”, saying she “cannot help” Lindsay unless she is “open to receiving”.

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