Paul Walker's mother to make court bid today


Paul Walker's mother to make court bid today
Paul Walker's mother is to go to court today in an attempt to gain custody of his daughter.

Cheryl Walker filed documents last week to become the legal guardian of 15-year-old Meadow, and the case was due to be held next month but an emergency hearing will now take place today after the teenager's mother, Rebecca Soteros, took her to live with a family friend.

Meadow had been living with Cheryl since August - three months before her father died in a car crash - and when Paul passed away, Rebecca flew from Hawaii to stay with the pair until things stabilised.

However, according to TMZ, when Rebecca learned Cheryl had made a legal bid to be Meadow's guardian, she was furious and took her daughter out of their home to stay with the friend a mile away.

An emergency hearing will now take place as Cheryl makes a bid for temporary guardianship, and she will reportedly argue in court that Rebecca still has an alcohol problem and is an unfit parent.

Meadow began living with her famous father full-time in California three years before his death, after moving there from Hawaii, where her mother - who was arrested in 2003 and 2013 for drink driving - raised her.

The teenager is set to inherit Paul's entire $25 million fortune.

The late star appointed his father Paul Walker Sr. as the executor of his will, and stated that Cheryl should become Meadow's legal guardian.

Paul Walker`s mother to make court bid today on
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