Richard Gere mistaken as homeless


Richard Gere mistaken as homeless
A passerby offered the actor on set some cold pizza, the best type in our opinion

It’s not every day you can say you saw Richard Gere looking a bit ragged and in need of a meal by the roadside, thankfully for Richard I’m sure, but at least one tourist from France can.While the actor of movies such as Pretty Woman and Chicago got into character on set on the streets of New York, a French mother on holidays with her family passed by him and thought he was a homeless person. Feeling sorry for him, she handed him a doggy bag of pizza from the restaurant she had just left with her family. As you would expect, Gere snapped it up. He may not be actually homeless but he ain’t stupid either.

When handed the bag, Gere asked what was in it. The Frenchwoman explained “I tried to tell him in English, but it came out half in French [...] I said, ‘Je suis désolée [I am sorry], but the pizza is cold.’ He said, ‘Thank you so much. God bless you’,” the kind lady recalled.

The French tourist only found out who the man was two days later when she saw her picture with him in the newspaper. Incredulous about her funny encounter with the star, she said ‘It was magical . . . It’s crazy, this story. It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen”. Richard used many of the same adjectives for his moment with the pizza we imagine/hope.

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