Rosie O'Donnell Calls Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show a 'Tragedy on Every Level'


Rosie O'Donnell Calls Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show a 'Tragedy on Every Level'
Rosie O'Donnell blasts Lindsay Lohan's show

The outspoken star is unimpressed with the 'Mean Girls' actress's antics on her OWN docu-series, 'Lindsay,' but hopes the troubled starlet will see the error of her ways by watching her behaviour on the show.

The 52-year-old comedienne and actress slammed the series on Twitter on Monday (14.04.14), tweeting: "The Lindsay show is a tragedy - on every level. I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes - n sees what we all do (sic)."

The series, masterminded by Oprah Winfrey, follows Lindsay as she moves from Los Angeles to New York City and attempts to rebuild her career after her sixth stint in rehab last summer.

The 'Canyons' star recently admitted to a relapse on camera and a source claimed she is worried the series has jeopardised her chances of a "true come-back."

The insider said: "[She] feels that her chances of having a true come-back have been hurt by doing this reality show."

But Oprah insisted last week that Lindsay is "making some progress."

The chat show host said: "I think she's doing OK ... What do you think? ... I think she's doing really OK. I think to have cameras following you around for every phase of your life and you're trying to pull your life together, I think that's a really difficult thing. We're really pleased that she's making some progress."

Lindsay was accused of drinking vodka at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival over the weekend.

Rosie O`Donnell Calls Lindsay Lohan`s Reality Show a `Tragedy on Every Level` on
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