Ryan Tubridy spooked as Gerry Ryan's ghost returns


Ryan Tubridy spooked as Gerry Ryan's ghost returns
2FM's Ryan Tubridy last night revealed he was his "still in shock" after a psychic medium told him live on air that Gerry Ryan was in the studio.

The RTE broadcaster got well and truly spooked when medium Catherine McDonnell (42) told him his deceased pal had paid him a visit.

"I was taken aback when she started talking to the callers and Iím still in shock after she brought Gerry into the room," he revealed.

During a live interview yesterday she told his listeners: "I do feel Gerry Ryan is here."

"He's patting him on the back and he brings an awful lot of comfort to Ryan and he keeps laughing, as he and Gerry would have had great craic and laughs and would often have little chats in the halls."

The mother-of-four also revealed the RTE star, who died in April 2010, was much lighter in appearance and is back to being a "vibrant and lively chap".

"He's lovely and has a big smile on his face," she added.

Speaking after the show, Catherine, who lives in Co. Kildare told the Star that she could see Gerry Ryan with his hand on Tubridy's shoulders.

"You could see they had a great friendship and Gerry looked very well and contented and much younger like what he used to look like in his 40s."

Catherine, who has seen spirits since she was a girl, runs the Spirit Haven of Ireland centre in Naas and has up to 100 visitors a night for her spirit sessions every Sunday.

Afterwards Tubridy, who admits he is a natural sceptic when it comes to mediums, said he felt comfort in that his old friend might still be "hanging around."

"Whatever the truth of the matter, it was good to think that Gerry might be hanging around the studio keeping an eye on us all. She said he was laughing I hope he enjoyed the show," he concluded.

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