Seattle police re-examine Kurt Cobain's death


Seattle police re-examine Kurt Cobain's death
With the 20-year anniversary of Cobain’s death approaching, police decide to look over his case

The suicide of Kurt Cobain wasn’t completely and utterly inexplicable, albeit tragic. The grunge pioneer had a long history of depression and heavy drug use that continued until the exact moment of his death, but even still the conspiracy theorists had a field day when it came to the reason of his death. Despite an electrician finding him with a self-inflicted gun wound to the head, and the death ruled as suicide, everyone from the government to his wife Courtney Love were blamed. With the 20-year anniversary of his death approaching this April, the public was met with a surprise re-examination of his case by the county police.

The King County Sheriff’s Office assigned a detective recently to review the closed file. In his investigation, he compiled four rolls of 35 mm film that showed the scene of Cobain’s death in his Seattle home. Having done so he then decided to leave the case at rest once more. Confusing nay?

According to The Seattle Police Department, “despite an erroneous news report, we have not 'reopened' the investigation into the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Our detective just reviewed the case file anticipating questions surrounding the closed Cobain case as the 20 yr anniversary approaches (sic).”

In other words, the 27-year-old frontman of Nirvana did shoot himself in the head after injected a large amount of heroin into his system. He was not murdered or assassinated. End of case.

Seattle police re-examine Kurt Cobain`s death on
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