Shailene Woodley loves George Clooney's fart machines


Shailene Woodley loves George Clooney's fart machines
Shailene Woodley says George Clooney plays fart jokes on set.

The 22-year-old actress is a big fan of the A-list actor, who played her father in 2011's Academy-Award winning drama 'The Descendents', and admires him for both his humanitarian work and his juvenile yet hilarious practical jokes.

She enthused to Stylist magazine: "He's incredible. There's this saying that goes, 'as women we can be pregnant with the world' - we have space for kindness and compassion. George is the male version of that.

"If [a place] is messed up, he says, 'I'm going to go to Africa and do something about it; I'm going to go to Obama, and talk to him about things that aren't working.' He's an ambassador of goodness.

"He's also the ultimate prankster. He'd have fart machines on his phone and he'd mix hard boiled eggs with raw eggs which would splatter everywhere. He doesn't take himself seriously at all."

The star also loved working with Kate Winslet on new teen dystopia flick 'Divergent' and was impressed by how humble and positive she was about everything.

Revealing what advice the veteran actress gave her, Shailene said: "What a powerful, strong, normal woman! She said, 'Some people make it harder than they need to', and that really resonated with me. Life is easy when you see happiness and humbleness in everything and Kate sees that."

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